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I’ve decided with this blog I’m going to do a once a week political post. I understand not everyone will agree with my views. I will try to be informative rather than ram my views down your throat.

So i’ve been reading these posts on newsflavor.com by a journalist Ulsterman. Now Ulsterman here has his modern day “Deep Throat” [Side note: if you don’t know what/who “Deep Throat” is please google it now.] Back to Ulsterman…he has an unnamed Washington (former White House advisor) insider making predictions of who’s going to call it quits in the Obama Administration, theories on the Presidential Race in 2012, the 112th Congress, etc.

What this insider says is quite objective. He talks about how the Democrat Party has lost its way and has gone completely left. He talks about how there needs to be change in the leadership, he thoughts of Obama, and leaders in Congress.

Here’s the deal: Do I believe everything this insider says…absolutely not. Do I think there’s a theme with the insider’s multiple interviews with Ulsterman…absolutely.
[side note: the readers comments are always interesting, to say the least…]

The theme —

This year in the midterm election there was no central message the Democrats had that showed they were true leaders. The messages were divisive and showed that they were trying to explain their decisions.

The Republicans had a resounding message: Jobs – Smaller Gov’t – fewer or no new taxes – transparency.

That’s how I feel regarding these interviews with the insider…I urge you to read these interviews for yourself. The Review

The review is a good place to start it has all the interviews from Sept. 7th till about Oct. 31st.

I’m still reading but I wanted to write this post because I love this conspiracy stuff.

If you’re looking for a movie to watch about conspiracy and the gov’t — The Pelican Brief…go to netflix now…you won’t be disappointed.


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