Nuts About Almond Butter!

Like my title? A little more creative, eh? #imanerd

Today was a good day!

I got to do some work, although data entry it kept me busy and not bored! It was also great to see my boss from my previous job! Love her to bits and pieces!

After work I had to go to Lowes and get keys made…I love Lowes it’s super fun in there. I also bought a huge plastic tub that I think can fit all my shoes…I think…

Then I decided to hit Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck Heaven) to pick up whole almonds, steel cut oats and some granola! After Whole Foods I went off to Michael’s craft store to get some mason jars for the Homemade Almond Butter that’d I’d be making!

Finally made it home, popped on the TV and damnit another news clip of Prince William and Kate Middleton *tear* but again I digress…

I decided to make a turkey burger with a sweet potato and some green beans…delicious!

Then I decided to attempt home made almond butter, I found the recipe via The Chic Life from The Edible Perspective (both fabulous blogs might I add!)

My thoughts on homemade almond butter is this…not a lot of ingredients needed but it was a bit time consuming, maybe it’s because my food processor dates back to 1980…I dunno just saying…
Even though it took some time, it tastes FABULOUS!

I’m a bit tired from making the nut butter so it’s time to prop my feet up and read Decision Points (so amazingly good!) while waiting for Parenthood to start! #livingthedream

and yes you will be seeing more hashtags in my posts šŸ™‚ #ilovetwitter


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