Chill Pill

Went back to the office yesterday, did some more data entry.

I had a bit of a meltdown because I started looking through my Franklin Covey
(great gift for an organizer friend or family member btw) trying to figure out my schedule. I saw 8 hour days at the office, a weekend in Philly and I had to pack and write a bunch of cover letters…so of course I freaked. I took a couple breaths and made a plan. I planned time throughout the day to pack, to write cover letters, to clean and even blog. I felt better after doing that and moved on.

5 o’clock came and I was jetting back home to pack some stuff up and make a yummy meal!

Said packing…

Then I got into the kitchen pulled out some salmon, left over green beans, zucchini, and some arugula/spinach mix

I grilled the veggies and the salmon after they were cooked through I added it on top a bed of leafy greens and drizzled a bit of balsamic!

I will still kind of hungry so I had some cottage cheese and granola!

After dinner while watching the nightly news I decided to pack some more…

AND THEN… my bestest friend in the entire world came over, we talked we caught up while watching Sexiest Man Alive — 25 Year Anniversary special.

Who thinks Ryan Reynold’s was a wonderful choice for this year’s honor?
…I totally approve!

Off to work!


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