Your paycheck…

Does anyone get stuck traffic on their way to work and all you think about is your paycheck? 

I do. There are some days where all I can think about is how far my paycheck will get me. Will I save enough money? Will I pay enough debt down this month? Can I go visit friends? Will I have gas money? Can I buy those new shoes? ya know.

Then I start thinking is my career more focused on the money or more about the passion for what I do….?

I must say its a bit of both. I’m in politics and you don’t work in politics for the money (at least at first) but if you know me you know that I have a love for clothes, shoes, techie stuff, and kitchen gadgets… So then I start to think do I need to be in a job that I might not be happy with but at least I’ll have the security of money. I go back and forth. 

For instance, on the campaign I made money but worked alot so I never really focused on having to go shop, I mean I did but not to level I have before. 

Now with my current job (yes I do have a job, more to come on that) I sit at a desk and I do alot but have plenty of time to think about the things I want (read: online shop).

I think my job is quite new to me and I’m trying to look into the future three years to see what my life will be like, therefore the thoughts.

On the other side of things, I’ve learned alot from the campaign learning about necessity and time… I didn’t buy just to buy, I bought because I needed it. Now having the time to spend on thinking about my wants its more restrained. So I think thats progress…

Does anyone else have these thoughts?



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