Workout Wednesday

I think this will become a regular thing…I like the alliteration.

Working an hour away makes things difficult in the sense of making time to workout, so i’ve decided to bite the bullet and workout in the evenings, and work my way back to 4:45am workouts.

Anyways I usually prepare in advance a good playlist. This week I present you my 80s workout playlist.

I try to vary my music depending my workout. I have a running playlist, a weights playlist, a spin playlist…you get the idea. I might be the only one but the type of music depends on the activity. Anyone else like that?

In other news…Lent Day 1 has gone well…i’ve blogged and I haven’t touched diet coke or candy! go me! How’s your 1st day going?

I’m currently watching the West Wing, and loving every minute of it…so i’m outtttaaa here ๐Ÿ™‚


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