Things I’ve Learned Thursday

again…I like the alliteration ๐Ÿ™‚

anyways I learned a lot today…

For instance…

-I reallly like my blog header (What do you think?)
-Coffee still has an affect on me, especially if I drink 2 medium iced coffees black consecutively… is quite expensive to my standards
-driving in wet snow in a Honda Accord is not conducive to my happiness…
-Panera’s Meditteranean Veggie Sandwich is my all time fav!
-I think i’d make a great house guest (read: permanent guest) at the castle in the Magic Kingdom
-If Alan Hunter is not on 80s on 8 for my ride home…my ride home sucks…

the end.

I’ll leave you a cute photo of my lil lula belle :)!



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2 responses to “Things I’ve Learned Thursday

  1. i like your header, courtney! ps. it’s erin (tara’s sister)

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