Live from Starbucks

I’m not going to lie, my title makes me feel like the female version of Anderson Cooper.

I had to make my way to starbucks because of the free petite treat deal…I mean come on who can pass on a birthday cake pop and a skinny vanilla latte…Not me.

P.S. You have till 5pm today to get your free petite treat 

I watched Morning Glory last night and I have to say it was your typical rom-com but it made me laugh so I was happy with it, my dad totally zonked out minute 5 of the movie.



I was able to sleep until 9am this morning, I was talking with a co-worker yesterday saying that I could only sleep till 7am but alas I made it to 9 which made me feel super refreshed.

I finally made it to the gym around noon, I explained to my mom how I found it to be quiet around that time, well I guess today was opposite day, it was jam packed!

I finished my first week of speed training. I’m not using any fancy schmancy training program, I’m actually using the C25k training plan but kicking it up major regarding speed. If anyone has any suggestions for better training plans feel free to share :). If you’re new to the running scene I highly suggest this training plan, it’s not overwhelming and it’s amazing how you feel after week one alone.

After the gym I spent my 10 minute car ride home thinking about what I wanted to eat for lunch, I was so close to going to subway but in a last minute decision I went straight home with the lovely idea of a panini!

The panini is stuffed with basil + red pepper grilled chicken, with zucchini and a slice of pepper jack cheese, I used Arnold something-grain for the bread. 

I paired the panini with a sodastream seltzer with a slice of lemon and my take on the farro salad I had last night. I made a chickpea salad with cucumbers and let it sit in some balsamic. 

The whole meal was delish if I do say so myself. 

I ā¤ the weekends because it’s my time to relax, get a good workout, and to actually cook!

March Madness is upon us and BYU aka Jimmer Fredette aka hometown hero around here…is playing tonight and I think i’ll be going out to watch the game and down casually drink a blue moon šŸ™‚

who are you rooting for during March Madness?

I for one am a HUGE Michigan State bball fan, so I’ll be rooting for them and good ol’ BYU because who doesn’t like boasting about the leading scorer, talked about on espn all the time, most likely player of the year who came from the next town over bball star…I mean come on you would too!

Any fun plans for your Saturday?!

Welp i’m off to do some actual work and sip on skinny vanilla latte…


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