This whole daylight savings thing is cramping my style..

I woke up and looked at my clock, it said 7:04..I closed my eyes and said i’ll sleep another hour….

welp an hour and a half later it was 9:30 am….damn you daylight savings.

My Mom and I had plans to visit this little breakfast place I heard about on Yelp. I felt so tired and my mom was totally surprised by the time too that we decided to try next week and stay in today.

We watched some Housewives of Miami, some Designed to Sell, some other HGTV shows and it was already 3pm! ugh.

I decided I wasn’t going to do much today so I decided to watch “9” on HBO on demand.


I remember seeing trailers in the movies and I was like I have to see this…i’m quite a nerd when it comes to post-apocalypitc movies, not like scary ones, but somewhat realistic ones. aka I cannot wait for The Hunger Games

Anyways the movie was fantastic…I highly suggest you rent it.

I continued my day of laziness with my dogs and finally bit in to my petite treat from Starbucks.

I got the Birthday Cake Pop, and even after a day I took a bite and the cake was amazingly delicious, it was not in the least bit dry. It really reminded me of funfetti.

Even Lula wanted a bite!

Welp it’s time for me to repaint my nails, pick an outfit out for tomorrow and continue watch the West Wing..



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