Heck yea it’s hump day! I hope you’re work week is going by speedy..

I’ve been MIA and I have a reason….I’ve really had nothing to say and I’d rather not blog only for you to read crap nothing. If you want to write a post for me, let me know I’d be happy to have ya!

This past weekend I worked out and reorganized my room. My room was currently missing a desk and I wanted one badly. Fortunately Target had a fab sale and I found a desk for $75 bucks, it was the perfect size to fit in the corner of my room.

I took some photos of my room re-org, take a look!

As you can see I made myself a little necklace wall, at my previous apartment I had cork boards with thumb tacks and they held up my necklaces but I decided to use the bare wall because I like how the white wall looked with all the necklaces.

I have a small room and I found that it’s essential to have pieces that can look nice while be a great opportunity for storage, hence the cube storage, it’s perfect because those fabric boxes are holding magazines, a bunch of techie cords, hair dryer, files and such! And you’d never know!

So that was my weekend!

What’s your strategy for room organization?

Now it’s time for #workoutwednesday (yes I just made a hashtag for it and yes you must start using it)

Here is my current playlist I’ve been working out to!


I hope it inspires you to get out there and enjoy the beginnings of spring with a fresh run or walk…

As always I’d love some song suggestions so I can keep my playlists spicy for my workout and yours too!

Happy Wednesday!


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One response to “#WorkoutWednesday

  1. Here are a few songs that keep me going during my workouts:
    “Cry for You”- September
    “Step One Two”- Kaskade
    “Every Word”- Ercola
    “Somewhere”- DJ Mog
    “All the Lovers”- Kylie Minogue

    Hope this helps getting you up those hills!

    -Nicole Cline

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