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My Direction

I’ve been literally writing this post over and over in my head for the past three weeks. So instead of yammering on i’ll get right to the point.

When I started this blog the idea was to keep me accountable regarding training for future races and also to eat better and ultimately lose weight…for good.

I’ve been a no show since April and partly the reason why is my fear of not being able to be completely honest in posts due to possible judgement.

What do I do?

I could hide under a rock.


I could not give an f’ about what people will think or say and do this so I can better myself…

I choose the latter.

I’m going to type my little heart out about trying to get fit and healthy once again.

Join me?


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Workout Wednesday Delight

Hello strangers…

It’s been quite busy in life and at work.

But it’s Wednesday aka hump day aka Workout Wednesday.NewImage


Since Britney has a new album out and her new video is out today I figured I have to do a playlist all Britney…

I call it my “Ode to Britney” workout playlist


I’ve totally had a crush on Britney since like middle school, although there was that one time I didn’t like her because she stole Justin Timberlake away from me, oh the drama.



Anyways I digress, Britney has the jams to get you through a tough cardio workout. I swear it’ll make your workout uber enjoyable.

If you decide to use Britney for your motivation let me know how it goes!!!

45 minutes until I get to leave mi trabajo! buh bye.

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It’s Friday! WOOT! I love Friday!

Hope everyone is as excited for the weekend as I am!!!!

Anyways, I’ve been dying to make an inspiration board but I hate cutting and pasting magazine pictures so I decided to do one in my sketchbook program on my mac.

So without any further ado, my inspiration…

I always love the concept because I believe that seeing your goals visually on a daily basis is a better reminder of the task at hand then say a word document with what you want to do with your life.

Anyone else love the idea of the inspiration board?!

Back to work…Happy Friday!!!


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Heck yea it’s hump day! I hope you’re work week is going by speedy..

I’ve been MIA and I have a reason….I’ve really had nothing to say and I’d rather not blog only for you to read crap nothing. If you want to write a post for me, let me know I’d be happy to have ya!

This past weekend I worked out and reorganized my room. My room was currently missing a desk and I wanted one badly. Fortunately Target had a fab sale and I found a desk for $75 bucks, it was the perfect size to fit in the corner of my room.

I took some photos of my room re-org, take a look!

As you can see I made myself a little necklace wall, at my previous apartment I had cork boards with thumb tacks and they held up my necklaces but I decided to use the bare wall because I like how the white wall looked with all the necklaces.

I have a small room and I found that it’s essential to have pieces that can look nice while be a great opportunity for storage, hence the cube storage, it’s perfect because those fabric boxes are holding magazines, a bunch of techie cords, hair dryer, files and such! And you’d never know!

So that was my weekend!

What’s your strategy for room organization?

Now it’s time for #workoutwednesday (yes I just made a hashtag for it and yes you must start using it)

Here is my current playlist I’ve been working out to!


I hope it inspires you to get out there and enjoy the beginnings of spring with a fresh run or walk…

As always I’d love some song suggestions so I can keep my playlists spicy for my workout and yours too!

Happy Wednesday!

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Hopefully….it’s a payday for you!


If you have xm/sirius radio, you may know what i’m talking about. There is a morning show called the Morning Mashup (channel 20) and every Friday they say that and it always makes me smile because I know that in about 10 hours I’ll be starting my weekend and that’s the best feeling!

How is everyone doing on their brackets? I’m doing eh..but I’m happy BYU won and St. John’s didn’t, which means BYU v. Gonzanga aka I think BYU could go far!

Who are you rooting for?

Confession: I ate candy last night and didn’t realize till I woke up this am that I totally screwed up on my lenten challenge!

While watching the game last night I participated in the #wwchat tweet chat, and I’m so happy I did not only was everyone chatting super awesome but Chobani was participating and there were alot of people talking about how it was hard to find the amazing lemon and mango flavors they have and their customer service was fantastic, they told us to e-mail them and they’d help us out! I’m happy to report that I got a prompt e-mail response and I hoping they can help me locate the lemon and mango flavors around here!

I love companies that have great customer service via twitter, I think that makes their brand stand out, i’d rather buy something knowing that if something is wrong or I just want to praise their product I can via twitter and I know they’re listening!

❤ twitter

After work today I’m going to my first spin class at this new place and I am WAY too excited! I’ll def be blogging about the experience!

Happy Friday!!!

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Workout Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!!

So last night I watched Glee for maybe the 2nd time in my life and I have to say I died laughing and then proceeded to download all the songs from the episode!

I remember in college when I lived in a suite and one of my suitemates would turn up the stereo in the common room and just start dancing to get some exercise in for the day.

That little memory inspired this week’s playlist…songs that make you want to get up and dance.

Hopefully you can bust a move with this playlist like I will be!

I’m probably going to be at work late tonight, budget budget budget…seee ya

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I don’t know what to write…

besides the fact that I’m really excited for Friday for two reasons.

1. it’s the start of my weekend


2. I’m going to try out a spin class here! They’re about 30 mins away from home and 20 minutes from work, so I decided that it’s probably easier to go from work.

This Friday this having a movies music themed class, i’m totally stoked for it!

This is the place. They’ve got these awesome combo classes, where you do 45 minutes of spin, then 30 or 45 minutes of yoga, a weight class, a barre class…I ❤ the variety I just hate that it’s so far from home!

I’ll definitely post a review on Friday!!

Do you ❤ spin classes like I do?

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