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Workout Wednesday Delight

Hello strangers…

It’s been quite busy in life and at work.

But it’s Wednesday aka hump day aka Workout Wednesday.NewImage


Since Britney has a new album out and her new video is out today I figured I have to do a playlist all Britney…

I call it my “Ode to Britney” workout playlist


I’ve totally had a crush on Britney since like middle school, although there was that one time I didn’t like her because she stole Justin Timberlake away from me, oh the drama.



Anyways I digress, Britney has the jams to get you through a tough cardio workout. I swear it’ll make your workout uber enjoyable.

If you decide to use Britney for your motivation let me know how it goes!!!

45 minutes until I get to leave mi trabajo! buh bye.


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Heck yea it’s hump day! I hope you’re work week is going by speedy..

I’ve been MIA and I have a reason….I’ve really had nothing to say and I’d rather not blog only for you to read crap nothing. If you want to write a post for me, let me know I’d be happy to have ya!

This past weekend I worked out and reorganized my room. My room was currently missing a desk and I wanted one badly. Fortunately Target had a fab sale and I found a desk for $75 bucks, it was the perfect size to fit in the corner of my room.

I took some photos of my room re-org, take a look!

As you can see I made myself a little necklace wall, at my previous apartment I had cork boards with thumb tacks and they held up my necklaces but I decided to use the bare wall because I like how the white wall looked with all the necklaces.

I have a small room and I found that it’s essential to have pieces that can look nice while be a great opportunity for storage, hence the cube storage, it’s perfect because those fabric boxes are holding magazines, a bunch of techie cords, hair dryer, files and such! And you’d never know!

So that was my weekend!

What’s your strategy for room organization?

Now it’s time for #workoutwednesday (yes I just made a hashtag for it and yes you must start using it)

Here is my current playlist I’ve been working out to!


I hope it inspires you to get out there and enjoy the beginnings of spring with a fresh run or walk…

As always I’d love some song suggestions so I can keep my playlists spicy for my workout and yours too!

Happy Wednesday!

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Workout Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!!

So last night I watched Glee for maybe the 2nd time in my life and I have to say I died laughing and then proceeded to download all the songs from the episode!

I remember in college when I lived in a suite and one of my suitemates would turn up the stereo in the common room and just start dancing to get some exercise in for the day.

That little memory inspired this week’s playlist…songs that make you want to get up and dance.

Hopefully you can bust a move with this playlist like I will be!

I’m probably going to be at work late tonight, budget budget budget…seee ya

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Workout Wednesday

I think this will become a regular thing…I like the alliteration.

Working an hour away makes things difficult in the sense of making time to workout, so i’ve decided to bite the bullet and workout in the evenings, and work my way back to 4:45am workouts.

Anyways I usually prepare in advance a good playlist. This week I present you my 80s workout playlist.

I try to vary my music depending my workout. I have a running playlist, a weights playlist, a spin playlist…you get the idea. I might be the only one but the type of music depends on the activity. Anyone else like that?

In other news…Lent Day 1 has gone well…i’ve blogged and I haven’t touched diet coke or candy! go me! How’s your 1st day going?

I’m currently watching the West Wing, and loving every minute of it…so i’m outtttaaa here 🙂

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