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Things I’ve Learned Thursday

again…I like the alliteration 🙂

anyways I learned a lot today…

For instance…

-I reallly like my blog header (What do you think?)
-Coffee still has an affect on me, especially if I drink 2 medium iced coffees black consecutively… is quite expensive to my standards
-driving in wet snow in a Honda Accord is not conducive to my happiness…
-Panera’s Meditteranean Veggie Sandwich is my all time fav!
-I think i’d make a great house guest (read: permanent guest) at the castle in the Magic Kingdom
-If Alan Hunter is not on 80s on 8 for my ride home…my ride home sucks…

the end.

I’ll leave you a cute photo of my lil lula belle :)!



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Things I learned while on vacation

  1. Getting a rental car is the best decision ever
  2. Tweeting to find places to explore and eat is a hidden gem
  3. Lululemon outlet is a steal
  4. The Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom is one of the best attractions ever!
  5. The safari at Animal Kingdom makes me want to run with the Lion Pride
  6. Margaritas are always a good decision
  7. Mickey will not throw up the peace, even for just a photo…
  8. Extreme Winds are no joke while up in the air
  9. Even if you’re at the most magical place on earth race photos still come out horrible

I now leave you with three of my fav photos…


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Things I’ve Learned Since Thanksgiving…

  • My family has all Type A personalities and that’s why we clash…yes I just figured this out.
  • I have no idea how to pack.
  • I kind of miss CT…kind of.
  • Finding a job is hard.
  • DC is still my favorite city.
  • Amtrak doesn’t have it together at 5:00am.
  • Living at home can be excruciating but wonderful all at the same time.
  • My dogs have the life.
  • I miss my friends.
  • The Hunger Games are amazing books…seriously…read them…now.
  • 5am is way better at the gym because at 5pm is way too chaotic to find your groove.
  • I loathe the treadmill.

I hope now that my life is a little more organized I can blog more consistently…


I leave you with my dogs…

the life I tell ya…


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Things I’ve Learned this past weekend…

  • Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 1 = AMAZING
  • Miya’s Sushi = unique and adventurous
  • Friends make everything better
  • Philadelphia is a small but fun city
  • Runner’s jealousy was alive and well when I was watching all the runners at the Philly Half
  • I need to go to an orthopedist to figure out my foot…
  • I wish the Northeast had Wawas.
  • Packing is no fun.
  • I’m an auntie to the cutest puppy named Darla.
  • Twitter > Facebook

the end.

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