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Hopefully….it’s a payday for you!


If you have xm/sirius radio, you may know what i’m talking about. There is a morning show called the Morning Mashup (channel 20) and every Friday they say that and it always makes me smile because I know that in about 10 hours I’ll be starting my weekend and that’s the best feeling!

How is everyone doing on their brackets? I’m doing eh..but I’m happy BYU won and St. John’s didn’t, which means BYU v. Gonzanga aka I think BYU could go far!

Who are you rooting for?

Confession: I ate candy last night and didn’t realize till I woke up this am that I totally screwed up on my lenten challenge!

While watching the game last night I participated in the #wwchat tweet chat, and I’m so happy I did not only was everyone chatting super awesome but Chobani was participating and there were alot of people talking about how it was hard to find the amazing lemon and mango flavors they have and their customer service was fantastic, they told us to e-mail them and they’d help us out! I’m happy to report that I got a prompt e-mail response and I hoping they can help me locate the lemon and mango flavors around here!

I love companies that have great customer service via twitter, I think that makes their brand stand out, i’d rather buy something knowing that if something is wrong or I just want to praise their product I can via twitter and I know they’re listening!

❤ twitter

After work today I’m going to my first spin class at this new place and I am WAY too excited! I’ll def be blogging about the experience!

Happy Friday!!!


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All I Want for Christmas…

Since we’re close to Christmas I thought I would do a Top 10 Gift list. Hopefully I will inspire you in case you’re in a jam with finding a gift for a friend or family member!

1. Apple TV


Why this is awesome:
Apple makes great products, especially for your favorite computer nerd. While the iPad is great I think the Apple TV is an awesome product. When you buy movies, music videos, and tv shows on iTunes you can load them up on your Apple TV, connect to your TV and viola! Just think, buy your movies on iTunes, load them on your apple TV and you have your own library of favorite dvds without the cases and the waste of space aka AMAZING.

2. All Terrain Tripod
A picture of the All Terrain Tripod from[Source]

Why this is awesome:
I don’t know about you but on my family vacations my Dad is the first person to ask some random stranger to take our picture. Now this tripod eliminates the need for that extra person to take your family photo on vacation. Take this tripod mold it to whatever you can find, set your 10 second time and ta da! Buy this for the wannabe photog in your life 🙂

3. TOMS Shoes

Womens Silver Glitters TOMS Shoes Side[Source]

Why these are awesome:
Great shoes with a great cause behind it. What else could you ask for! They are also really comfortable. With all my foot issues as of late I choose these shoes over sneakers because I refuse to wear sneakers with jeans. They’re trendy and work well with casual and business casual (especially the glitter ones). love love love.

4.  Netflix

Why this is awesome:
Now that Netflix can be used through the Wii, Starz, and TiVo it’s a great way to get more bang for your buck with this membership. You can purchase a gift card that can pay for however many months you’d like to gift. I think this is an epic idea not only can you give this gift but if it really doesn’t work out for the giftee (doubtful) they can easily get rid of it. Netflix is getting more and more movies and they we’re also just added to the S&P 500 which shows they are a growing and thriving business.



Why this is awesome:

Snapfish is the best online site to make creative, thoughtful gifts. For the past three years I decided to get creative [read: poor college student] and found great gifts on this site. You can create anything…your classic photo mug, photo book, calendar or even a photo collage blanket. Now they have photo notebooks which are fabulous. Add any design and you have a notebook with memories already on it!

6. Franklin Covey


Why this is awesome:

Look, Blackberrys and iPhones are great but sometimes you just need to write things down to be organized. I own a Franklin Covey and it’s great to have on hand so you can quickly jot ideas, to dos and much more. Get this for the Type A friend or family member, they’ll love you for it…trust me.

7. Amazon Kindle


Why this awesome:

How many times do you go somewhere maybe vacation, weekend get-away, trip to Grandma’s, etc and you forget the magazine or book you’ve been wanting to read…well this product is an awesome solution! You can store up 1500 (nonillustrated) books. This slim e-reader can go anywhere with you. When I went to DC I had this and my mac in my purse, it was awesome, a whole day of traveling and I had about 15 books, 2 magazines and 1 newspaper at my fingertips without all the bulk! It’s great for the reader, travel aficionando in your life!

8.  Kitchenaid Mixer


Why this is awesome:

An amazing mixer for the foodie in your life who loves baking. This is the best mixer on the market and it comes in fun colors…what more could you ask for!

9. Nike iPod +


Why this is awesome:

For the Fitness fan in your life. This is for the person who wants to stick to those upcoming New Years Resolutions or someone who’s a runner and might want to run a race in the upcoming year. Nike+ is a great motivational product but also a great product that can measure your progress and you can see it after every workout on your computer. The website is interactive and fun, you don’t need nike shoes, you might need something like a shoe holder though.

10. Gift Cards


Why this is awesome:

Now I have a family member, I won’t name any names but they are the most fickle person to shop for. Sometimes its just easier to get a gift card because when all the unwrapping is done on Christmas morning there won’t be hurt feelings there will be happy faces. That one fickle person will be happily imagining what they’ll be buying themselves on Dec. 26th.

So that’s my Top 10 Gift list for 2010. Share your thoughts or products you think are the best!

Happy Holidays 🙂

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