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Google It

Do you ever look to a friend or a family member who you think is tech savvy?

I have some exciting news…

YOU could be that tech savvy person with a little practice.

My family comes to me all the time, sometimes it’s simple and sometimes it’s tricky…

Once upon a time when I was a teenager and wasn’t sure what the solution was I’d get all annoyed and just tell them I had no clue and stomp off. Now (with the occasional stomping) I google their problem and find a solution. It’s that easy! 

The point of this post is to share the wealth. Google is a wealth of information, you just need to know what to search.

For example, my dad and I didn’t know how to right click on an iPad. Go to Google‘s search and type in “How to right click on iPad”.

Viola! Tons of links on how to master that skill.

Another place I go to for social media development is, probably the best source for up to date info on the latest social media and how to enhance your presence on the web.

Don’t forget blogs! They’re the best place to get first hand accounts on issues with computers, social media confusion or internet tips and tricks. I visit KatyWidrick.comJulia Roy or David Carr just to name a few!

Day after day we see new ventures with social media sites, new tricks to optimize your internet search, and of course new techie gadgets. If you want to keep up with the times you need to start googling and finding answers, you need to research and learn about these new things, test out techniques for yourself…

I can’t guarantee you’ll be a coding genius like Mark Zuckerberg but i’m fairly certain you could be a Google Guru and/or a Social Media Savant

Happy Googling!!


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