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My name is Courtney…and I’m extremely lazy today.

How’s everyone’s Sunday going? Mine has been super lazy and I have a feeling it will continue…

I’ve been watching Sex and the City since yesterday…

such a guilty pleasure!

This am my fam and I decided to try this local classic “hole in a wall” or maybe I should call it “restaurant in a home”

It’s call GG Mama’s and it’s actually in a old home that my dad said was once a mom and pop shop with everything and some penny candy.

I didn’t take any food photos but it was quite yummy, I got blueberry pancakes and they we’re so delish. My mom is a picky eater and she said she’d even go back (that says alot)!

What I think is even cooler about this place is that they change their dinner menu every week, so there is always something new. On Thursdays they even have a theme night!

If you haven’t caught on by now my town and surrounding towns are exactly brimming with young and fresh restaurants, so anything I can sink my teeth into, I will!

Check out GG Mama‘s on facebook if you live in the area!


In other news, I’m starting a garden…

This little plant is the first of many (I hope), I’d love a bunch of fresh veggies and herbs just a hop skip and a jump away from mi casa.

I’ve got this little plant chilling in my dad’s office, because he get’s the best light, which reminds me, I need to water that little sucker!

Do you have a garden? Is it hard work? What would you want in your garden?

I remember in my old house my dad and grandpa worked on a garden in our backyard and we had this HUGE sunflower…#awesome.

time to water my plant bye bye!


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